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Fake Grillz That Look Real

Our fake grillz look real! This collection of fake grillz are made with high quality palladium.  In today's 2019 current market palladium is actually worth more than gold and historically is about equal to gold. This metal is 2x the price of platinum and 81x the price of sterling silver! We've made it affordable for you by using a less pure and hollow form of palladium. Palladium is a very durable silver metal that's resistant to corrosion and scratches. So you won't have to worry about your grillz getting destroyed. 

Unlike our real grillz, the  fake grillz was designed for people who loves the culture but simply cannot afford to pay for the real thing. But that doesn't matter because as stated OUR FAKE GRILLZ LOOK REAL! With plenty of variety and styles to choose from, we think there is a grill waiting for you. 

Hottest New Collection of Hip Hop Fake Grillz Teeth

We offer the hottest line of fake grillz in the market today. Choose the fake grillz that match your swagg whether that's gold fake grillz, yellow gold fake grillz, rose gold fake grillzwhite gold fake grillz, silver fake grillz or fake grillz with Cubic Zirconia stones. Buy it today and receive it in just a few days.