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There are a lot of poppin grillz in the market today, from the classic simple gold grillz to the iced out diamond grillz, for #Team "Ice Tray The Gang". Still, sometimes you have to change things that are perfectly good just to make them your own. That's where grillz for girls made it's entrance. Women have their own style of grillz that they are into and they have different taste's from their male counter parts. 

Grillz For Girls Survey

Grillz For Girls

We did a survey asking 50 girls why there should be "grillz for girls" and what type of grillz they personally like. Some people argue that grillz in general are unisex but I beg to differ and the amount of women searching for grillz for girls means there are women who prefer grillz specifically designed for women. There are around 5,000+ women every month searching for grillz that are designed for them. Below we share some of their response to our question "Why should there be grillz for girls?".

Question 1: Why Should Their Be Grillz For Girls?

Answer 1: "Um...Why shouldn't there?" (well said)

Answer 2: "Because women have different taste than men, that's on everything not just grillz"

Answer 3: " Grillz is grillz it don't matter its still hot. Grillz are not made specifically for men"

Answer 4: "If you know the history of grillz you know that both men and women wore gold teeth in different regions. Why should it stop now because this is America?" (#ThisIsAmerica)

Answer 5: "Sometimes girls like grillz with color in them, not like 6ix9ine with the rainbow nonsense but with pink stones, or red stones or know girly."

Answer 6: "Girls have their own styles, I definitely want one for my bottom teeth. I seen some girls with it and I thought it looked kind of" (Indeed it does)

Now would be a great time to reveal some of the answers we received to the second question of the survey which is "What Type of Grill Would You Get?"

Grillz For Girls

Question 2: What Type of Grillz Would You Get?

Answer 1: "Gold bottoms"

Answer 2: "Something with diamonds in them, real diamonds if I could afford it lol"

Answer 3: "Top gold and bottom diamond"

Answer 4: "I would get grillz where it look like it's melting on your bottom teeth, you know what im talking about? What's it called?....yeah drip grillz I would get that"

Answer 5: "I actually got gold fangs on both top and bottom with diamond dust. That s**t is the wave family"

Answer 6: "I don't know? something simple not to flashy but still sexy probably on my bottom teeth."

Bottom Grillz For Females

Grillz For Girls The Collection

After conducting this survey and after connecting with many grill shop owners we find that women more than men are in love with bottom grillz. Men tend to love full set grillz as well as bottoms. Our collection Bottom Grillz For Females showcase different grillz favored by women and commonly worn by women. Our grillz for girls are created by both genders however, our women jewelry designers create grillz for women. If you have an idea for a custom grillz that need to be made, fill out our form we got you sis!

Pretty Grillz Get The Look

If you would like to see more photos of Grillz For Girls, just to get ideas for your next grill, please follow our page. This page is updated frequently and is not limited to only our designs. Go follow it, you won't be disappointed.

Grillz For Girls

Grillz For Girls

 Grillz For Girls

Grillz For Girls

Grillz For Girls