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How Much Are Grillz?

How Much Are Grillz?

Our Grillz Price Sheet

Thinking about getting grillz? Wondering how much grillz cost? Then you are on the right page. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of grillz. These factors include the type of metal, metal density, the type of design and accessories requested and expertise of the designer. Different "grill makers" may consider themselves more valuable than other grill makers even though the grill can be identical as far as metal, metal density and design. A grill maker like Johnny Dang widely known as "TV Johnny" & Eddie's Gold Teeth will likely charge a premium price for their grillz service. This is because they have a reputation of servicing celebrities like Paul Wall, Kanye West, Quavo, Lil John, Beyonce, Ludacris, Flavor Flav and so many other celebrities especially in the Hip Hop Community. After all one of the main reasons for getting grillz is bragging rights and to show off. What better way to show off your new grill than to attach a celebrity grill maker name to it? Big props.

How Much are grillz

Photo: Johnny Dang aka "TV Johnny" is a famous jewelry designer and grillz maker who have worked with many notable celebrity clients especially in the Hip Hop community.

How Much Do Grillz Generally Cost?

Gold Plated Over Cheap Metal Grillz

So how much does grillz generally cost? If your grillz are 14k, 18k or 24k gold plated over a cheap base like rhodium or brass the cost will generally cost between $9 - $35

Gold Plated Over .925 Sterling Silver Grillz

If your grillz are made with 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k plated over .925 sterling silver, or if its solid .925 sterling silver the grill will generally cost between $100 - $300

Solid Gold Grillz

So solid gold grillz 8k, 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k gold grillz are the most expensive, but it doesn't generally matter whether its yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or black gold. These grillz will generally cost anywhere from $200 - $1,200.

Real Diamond Grillz

Real VVS diamond grillz will generally cost between $500 - $30,000 for several diamonds. The $500 price point will likely be for grillz around 4-6 teeth only. Your average diamond grillz will cost at minimum $1,000. Generally speaking diamond grillz can cost millions because it all depends on the amount of diamonds an individual want and diamond clarity. Example of diamond grillz can be found here.

How Much Do Bottom Grillz Cost?

How Much Do Bottom Grillz Cost

Bottom Grillz are about half the price of full set grillz because you only get a grill for the bottom teeth. Bottom grillz are favored by a large population of women in the grillz community because they are subtle. So lets say you want 14k gold grillz (8 teeth top & bottom), this will usually cost you around $800 - $1,000. An 8 teeth bottom grill will only cost around half that much, around $500 (give or take a few $100).

"Pimpin" Your Grillz

The above is the general price range of solid grillz. However, we did mention in the very first paragraph that grillz will cost more depending on the grill maker that's designing your grillz and the aesthetics you want on the grill. Lets say you want 6 teeth top and bottom 14k gold grillz, this will cost you $900 at Now if you want to flex a little and get deep cuts, diamond dust and fangs, your price will now be $1,020. This pricing system is pretty standard across all grillz shops. Some may charge more for diamond dust, fangs and Cubic Zirconia than the competitors.

Price Per Tooth Model

Some grillz shop instead of pricing per set of teeth, they price per tooth. So if you want to get 14k gold for 12 teeth (6 top teeth, 6 bottom teeth) they will charge you per individual tooth. The price using this model usually rang from $40 - $80 per tooth. As with all of these pricing models different grillz shop determine their value, skill etcetera and transfer that cost to you.

In fact most grillz shop use this model but its not advertised on their website. This is because customers typically request 6 - 8 teeth top and/or bottom. If we do the math real quick $80 per tooth for 12 teeth (that's 6 top and 6 bottom) you'll get a price of $960, which is the price we quoted above for solid gold grillz. If you are looking to get grillz that cover more than 16 teeth, your best bet would be to use this model (especially $80 per tooth) to figure out your ball park total price.