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Fake 14k gold diamond grillz

Fake 14k Gold Diamond Grillz

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Fake 14k Gold Diamond Grillz

Ā Fake 14k gold diamond grillz are durable, safe to wear and looks real. Besides that they look fly. Our fake 14k gold diamond grillz are plated overĀ palladium which will give the grill a long lasting shine. In today's 2019Ā current marketĀ palladium is actually worth more than gold and historically is about equal to gold. Palladium is a very durable silver metal that's resistant to corrosion and scratches. So you won't have to worry about your grillz getting destroyed.This grill has 2 rows of cubic zirconia on both top and bottom teeth. Get your fake 14k gold diamond grillz today!
Grillz Specifications Metal Type:

OurĀ Fake 14k gold diamond grillz Are Designed ForĀ The Top & Bottom Teeth. The Grillz Come With 1 Silicone Bar That Will Be Used To Mold To the Grill. Instructions Are Included!! Easy Fit Guaranteed!

These Are One Size Fits All Grillz With Reusable Silicone Molding Bars And Instructions For Easy Fitting And Adjusting Without Messy Molds. Our GrillzĀ Are Lead And Nickel Free, FDA Approved (21 CFR 175,300), And Safe To Wear Inside Your Mouth.


Own a fresh set of one-size-fits all adjustable grillz just like your favorite celebs!Ā OurĀ Fake 14k gold diamond grillzĀ products only take seconds to mold to your teeth, and will have you looking fly in no time.